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By Adeselna Davies - 20:24

The previous year was pretty unstable, on March I had to move to Poland for a couple of months, when I returned, I had to combine a job and taking care of a house. Household is a curse and it did not help that my boyfriend had to work for long hours when we returned. My issue was not only motivation it was all about time management. I used to do great time management, I woke up early in the morning, had a cup of coffee and work. Just seat in front of my computer and read/ plan my classes, I was used to be a good student, I worked, I read tons of essays, I planned all my studies and everything carefully. Until I started working. When I started working, things went a little crazy (I used to take too much time to make all the materials myself), but I still managed to do stuff. Now? I can’t do anything. Everything is upside down. My house was a mess until last week and after three days of cleaning with the help of my boyfriend, I finally have everything in place.

 So for the new year all I want is to manage time better. Wake up early, do some chores and because I will be working a lot closer to home now, I want to read more. Just lie down and read a novel. Any kind of novel: graphic, romantic, erotic, historical. 

Another resolution is to write. Every year I tend to slack a lot in the writing department. I don’t like most of the things that I write. I like my ideas, I like my characters, I just don’t like the way I put them on paper. Sometimes I like what I write and I love writing dialogues, it’s the other part that I still haven’t mastered. I am used to write way too many short-stories and even though I love that, I want to write something more complex and big.

I want to try out some new authors. In January I will be reading lots of new authors, I also want to read some stuff by Lisa Renee Jones, Angela Highland, Libba Bray and Laini Taylor.

I also want to read more novels by Eve Langlais and Patricia A. Raisey

Then the Harlequin Challenge! For those of you who do not know what this is, last year a Portuguese blogger had a great idea, for those who had piles of Harlequin books but never read them, 2014 was the year to do it! Mafi (the blogger) created some levels just for fun:
1. Hugs (1-10 books)
2. Kiss (11- 20 books)
3. Flirt (21-30 books)
4. Wedding (31-40 books)
5. Love forever ( + 40 books)

I reached the flirt level this year with 28 books. Want to participate? Here are a few rules:
1. The challenge starts on the first of January 2015 and ends on the 31st of December 2015.
2. I don’t have a blog, can I do this? People with Goodreads accounts or Facebook can also participate, just find a way to track all the books you read);
3. You can read novels in Spanish, German, English, as long as they are part of Harlequin AND Carina Press.
4. Ebooks and paperbacks are game;
5. You can upgrade the number of books but never take away the number of books that you challenge to read;
6. Each participant can define the reading list throughout the year.

Think you can do it? This year of course I challenge myself to reach the 4th stage with at least 30 novels.

Also the last resolution is to use Twitter more often! I almost never use twitter and everybody uses Twitter outside of Portugal, so I want to revive my Twitter account and use it wisely. 

I hope you all have a fantastic year, both if you are a reader (I hope you read some great novels) and if you are an author (I hope you get great reviews and write lots of books). What do you wish for 2015?

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